About us

Nipema is situated in the Öresundsregion and offers services and solutions within the IT business to all types of companys.

We have over 20 years of experience in the IT business and a broad experience in all sectors.

 Broad area of business

Our services covers all type of consulting commisions like analysis, investigations, help with creating strategys and policys. We also offer tecnical solutions of different kinds like infrastructure, LAN, WAN, telephony, serverconsolidating, system/applikation solutions etc.

  Entrepreneur skills

Nipema also offers support as a professional business partner and advicer in any kind of purchase ore contracting situation.

To summarize, we offer a complete line of professional support so that you really can reach success in your business.

   Nipema improves competition !


The Öresundsregion is one of the fastest expanding business regions in the world.

Many companies move their main office to this evolving area with Copenhagen, Malmö and Lund as center of the region.

And of course, Nipema is delivering solutions here.